If you have access to a pen, a printer, an envelope and a stamp, we have a favor to ask of everyone.  It was brought to our attention earlier today by a good friend of GuideToVaping that an open letter has been crafted for vapers to sign and send to Senator Ron Johnson’s office.

Note: Thank you for sharing this with us Kieth Roupe, and thank you to the self funded advocacy group “Vaping Legion” for making this possible.

Senator Johnson is the senior senator for the State of Wisconsin, and Chairman of the Homeland Security, as well as Governmental Affairs Committee.  In recent weeks he has become involved in the vapers fight against the FDA, asking on 3 separate occasions for detailed explanations of various parts of the deeming regulation and how it would impact businesses across America, among other things.  One of the letters gained a response, but fell extremely short of the information he asked for.

The letter is simple, thanking Senator Johnson for his efforts thus far in helping bring the Federal Agency to bear, explaining the view-point that pretty much every vaper has, and then asking him to keep pushing until he is satisfied with the answers.

As vapers, we all understand the consequences of smoking — as most of us used to do it — and the devastating effect the FDA regulations are going to have.  If he has to file a formal injunction and pull the agency in front of a senate judicial committee to get things done, so be it.

I have linked to the PDF file below, everyone can sign it.  All you need to do is print it off, put your John Hancock on the bottom and put it in an envelope addressed to the Senators DC office (the address is on the letter).  Stick a stamp on it and put it in the mail, as this will have a massive impact on the senator and his staff.

If you feel the stock letter doesn’t say everything that you wish to say, write your own (maybe using this as a guideline), but make sure that you thank the Senator and ask him to carry on fighting on your behalf.

You can find the letter and download it here, mine is already on its way to Washington.

Read more http://guidetovaping.com/2016/07/21/open-letter-to-senator-johnson-we-need-your-help/

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